The Parish of Thundersley

Safeguarding Statement: Parish of Thundersley

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) of Thundersley takes seriously its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of children and vulnerable adults
This Safeguarding Statement applies to all who make up the church ‘workforce’ which includes all clergy, holders of Bishop’s licence or permission, those commissioned or authorised by the Bishop, those, paid or unpaid, who hold positions of responsibility in a parish and work with children or vulnerable adults, and those with representational parish ministry, for example; churchwarden, organist, server & choir members.
For the purposes of this document the term ‘Parish’ is used to denote the PCC and Incumbent who are together responsible for ensuring that diocesan safeguarding policies and procedures are implemented.
For the purposes of this document a child is anyone under the age of eighteen years.


  1. The Thundersley PCC has adopted the Diocese of Chelmsford Safeguarding Policy 2014.A copy of the full relevant policy is obtainable on the Diocese of Chelmsford’s website www.chelmsford.anglican.org/safeguarding and a hard copy is kept accessible in the church office.
  2. The Parish Safeguarding Representative at St Peter’s and St Michael’s is Rev Susan Croucher and has been appointed by the PCC.

Statement of Commitment.

The PCC will develop a safeguarding culture that

  • Creates an environment where there is awareness and vigilance about the signs, symptoms and impacts of abuse.
  • Enables and encourages all concerns or allegations to be raised in order to protect children and adults from harm.
  • Ensures all those who work or volunteer on behalf of the church with children and adults achieve the standards required by this policy.
  • Holds to account those in the church community who disregard the safety and well-being of children and adults.

To bring this about we will:

    1. Formally adopt the Diocese of Chelmsford Safeguarding Policy.
    2. Review the implementation of the Diocese of Chelmsford Safeguarding Policy annually
    3. Invite our PSR to attend at least one PCC meeting each year. At this meeting the PSR will provide a report on Safeguarding for the parish.
    4. Ensure that all those authorised to work with children and vulnerable adults are appropriately recruited according to safer recruitment practice and are adequately supported.
    5. Ensure that all those authorised to work with children and vulnerable adults aretrained appropriately for their roles, including Diocesan Safeguarding Training.
    6. Provide appropriate insurance cover for all activities undertaken in the name of the church, which involve children or vulnerable adults.
    7. Ensure that an Activity Plan and Risk Assessment is completed and reviewed (at least once a year) for each activity, which is associated with either children or vulnerable adults and run in the name of the church.
    8. Comply with Data Protection Principles – specifically with reference to storing information about the ‘church workforce, including volunteers, who have completed a confidential declaration and/or undergone DBS checks and for Safeguarding Agreements of offenders and others who may pose a risk.

The most important point to bear in mind is, if in doubt about any safeguarding matter contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team (DST) whose job it is to offer advice, guidance and support in all situations in which a child or adult may be at risk. For this purpose the DST can be contacted at any time on;

01245 294444

The Ministry Team for The Parish of Thundersley

The Parish of Thundersley Ministry Team. L to R Our LLM Jan Kersy, Our Priest in Charge Rev Andy Hudson, Our Curate Rev Sue Croucher

The Parish of Thundersley Ministry team are here to help you at any time if you need us. We offer our help to you in any way that we are able. Please do talk to one of us.

Rev Andy Hudson. The Priest in Charge of The Parish of Thundersley.

The Rev Andy Hudson Priest in Charge The Parish of Thundersley

Revd. Andy Hudson Vicar of St Peter’s Thundersley and St Michael’s Daws Heath

Chaplain at Lakeside Shopping Centre and Team Leader for Workplace Chaplains Essex and East London.

Originally from Yorkshire,  with a wide variety of workplace experience from  labourer in an ice cream factory, working in the printing industry, self employed Graphic designer and Photographer,  Van Parcel delivery Driver, Shopkeeper and  assistant  warden at a famous night shelter.

Hobbies and interests include Motorbikes, Cycling, Football, films, and Rock music and a good Curry.  Married to Lynn with 6 grown up children between us and 7 Grandchildren.

Served as Priest in Charge St Stephen’s Purfleet and Team Vicar in the Mardyke Team Parish since 2004. Before taking up this post November 2017.

Our Curate The Rev Sue Croucher

The Rev Sue Croucher, The Curate, The Parish of Thundersley

Our Licensed Lay Minister Jan Kersey.

Our Licensed Lay Minister Jan Kersey. .LLM

Our Two Churches Within The Parish

We have 2 churches within the parish of Thundersley
Our churches are very different, St Peter’s is a church steeped in over 1000 years of history, with a newer extension built 50 years ago, and St Michael’s is a modern wooden building in a field surrounded by woods, completed just 4 years ago, but you will find the same warm welcome at either church.

Our aim is to be a blessing to the community, available in times of happiness and sorrow; to help people to explore their faith by sharing our faith with all. We are not a community that goes inside and closes the door on the world. Our activities are community based and we welcome anyone to come and join in.

As well as baptism, we offer a Thanksgiving service for the birth of a child, for parents who are not sure about making the promises required by baptism. It’s an opportunity to thank God for new life.

Both our churches are photogenic, which proves popular with wedding couples, and as we have church hall on site as well, wedding receptions are easy to arrange.

We offer to take funerals in the churches, or if you prefer, our clergy can arrange, through local Funeral Directors, to takes services at the crematoria.

The Parish of Thundersley Is an area that is known for the number of bungalows it has for per capita which makes it a beautiful area to reside in.

We have within The Parish 3 primary schools 1 Senior Comprehensive School, 1 Special Needs School. We also have 2 care homes, There are a few shops in Thundersley that can cater for most needs and a small but extremely useful shop in Daws Heath

There is the Small to Medium Town of Hadleigh (Essex) not to be confused with the one in Suffolk

If you would like any information on what we as a parish can offer you please do contact the Parish Office at Email Parish Office or use the contact page on this site to contact any group should you want more information from them.

St Peters Church

St Michael & All Angels

On the left is our beautiful old Church St. Peter’s. Thundersley. On the right is our wonderful new Church St. Michael’s. Daws Heath