Old East Window Restoration Project

East Window Restoration

St. Peter’s Old East Window dates to 1854 and depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Window is in memory of Sir. Thomas Noon Talfourd (1795-1854). Who was an English judge, MP for Reading and author. Our Rector Reverend William Wordsworth Talfourd paid for the memorial of his father to be placed in St. Peter’s. The east window, that had stood for 112 years in our 12th century church until 1966 with the growth in population St. Peter’s needed to be extended. The east window was, sadly, removed and placed into storage. The window has remained there for about 47 years. During this time the window’s lead has started to crumble and decay. Thus causing each of the nine individual Panels to become unstable and on the edge of being lost.

St. Peter’s Congregation wish to restore The Old East Window back to its former glory and incorporate it back into the Fabric of St. Peter’s. We are very much touched by the interest the project has within and outside the parish. We hope to say, at the end of the project, after about 50 years of being hidden away the window can once again be admired by the congregation, visitors and future generations.

For more Information, please contact: parish.office@st.peters-st.micheals.co.uk